Here We Go

In the last 4 years, I’ve spoken at a number of conferences. Two of these in the last year, gave me more inspiration and energy than my regular ones, EVO11 and SNAP. The reason why, it’s because I love Blogging and helping others to grow their websites. As I have described in my post on my personal blog Public Speaking Confessions, I’m starting a new project here.

In my workshop at SNAP I discussed how to generate traffic through Search Engine optimization, but also how to get people to link to you, share your content or to connect with you on Twitter & Facebook. I’ve been inspired by so many great blogs and passion from all of the people I met, that I would like to continue to help grow your traffic and learn from you myself.

I’m starting a Monthly Free Newsletter with all kind of tips to improve your SEO and other traffic driving strategies. Since I’m working on experiments on a daily basis for my work, connect with a lot of other SEO’s in my industry and visit Internet Marketing conferences, I’m making these learning available for you in a similar format as my presentation at EVO or SNAP. You can now subscribe to my monthly newsletter here.

Second, I would like to give you the opportunity to be featured on a brand new website I’m putting together. You can get the chance stepping in the spotlight through an interview over email, in which you can describe your best content, where you get inspiration and how you would like to grow the traffic to your website. The interview will be published on my new website, You can take the opportunity to contact me through the Contact form.

A third project I’m working on, which can drive more traffic to websites, will be announced later on when I’m further in the product development. For this project you can become a beta-tester, which can give you a head start on the platform.

This site is far from finished, but I’m working hard on the content, the design and the features. Please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed to get regular updates or start following us on Twitter @BlogSpotlight.