Oct 2012 Newsletter

Hi All,

This is the very first SEO for Bloggers newsletter I’m sending out.
Since EVO 2012 in July, I’ve been busy, which I will explain below here.



The frequency of this Newsletter

At first, I was planning to send this email newsletter on a monthly basis. Now that I have found out that life can get busy, I will still try to keep that same rhythm, however, I hope you will understand if I skip one depending on travel schedules, baby & kids daddy duty or just really busy with the new job.

Content of the SEO for Bloggers newsletter

This first newsletter will only be focused on what has changed in the last couple of months in SEO. But moving forward there will be full tutorials posted, so that you can follow step by step how to implement these on your own blog.

The objective for this newsletter is to help you grow your traffic through Search Engines, and prevent you get into trouble with the latest guideline changes by the search engines.

Changes in SEO

Since July, there have been a number of SEO changes

·      Google has been active sending out “Link Warnings” to websites, which might have an unnatural back link profile. This is why it’s so important not to reply to those emails which ask you to add links to your content, paid or unpaid, if you don’t trust or know the sender of the email. Off course it’s totally fine to link to the bloggers you know, and I even encourage it!

·      Google rolled out an extra boost for Trusted Sources.  It has become even more important to think about your website as a brand, and get off- and online citation in mainstream media. HARO is a great way to get your expertise under the attention of mainstream journalists. Or get featured on Bloggerspotlight as a start, and get interviewed. Below more info on this.

·      DMCA penalty. If you host a lot of content of which the copyrights belong to a company, you risk this particular penalty. Any DMCA take down request can result in a ranking loss in the search engines, next to the legal headache.  Google is getting a lot of takedown requests on a daily basis to remove WebPages from search results, which contain copyrighted material.

·      The end of 10 blue links, 7 is the new number.  The time of 10 blue links on the first page has been made history with the new magic number 7. On about 18% of searches, Google now only is showing 7 organic results instead of 10.

·      EMD changes. EMD stands for Exact Match Domains, where the domain name is matching the target subject for the site. For years, there has been an advantage for exact match domains in the search results. This change has only been targeted to domains which have low quality content. Domains like Cars.com or CheapTickets.com have not been impacted, as these are legitimate businesses’


With a lot of ideas and passion I started this new project, where I would be interviewing Bloggers to shine the spotlight on. A number of Bloggers have already been featured, and in the coming weeks there are more to come. Here are the first

1.     Crafty Blogger Jen from Tatertots & Jello
2.     Stacey from Not Just A Housewife
3.     Ashley from I’m Topsy Turvy
4.     Tara from Tara Made It
5.     Kathy from Danish Mamma

Stay tuned for more Bloggers being featured.

New Adventure

Over the course of the summer, it has become clear some changes needed to be made. Do I need more focus, or do I need a new look, the Hipster look..? Not only, today I’m making it known to the world I’m starting a new job as Head of SEO at AirBnB. I’m so excited to be able to make all the changes all at the same time, while we expect the third little baby in February.


I would love to hear from you. What content would you like to see in this newsletter, where can I help you?

You can hit me up directly by replying to this email, or on Twitter: @thenextcorner

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