SEO for Bloggers for EVO 2012

Just as in 2011, I promised to make the slides of my presentation; SEO for Bloggers; available after EVO conference 2012. The slides are embedded below here, where you can flip through the presentation. (find my blogpost on EVO 2011 here)

This is a completely new deck, primarily focussed on how bloggers can build their own brand, create exceptional content and use simple tools to focus on those keywords that will make their blogs pull in more traffic. Social sharing has become more important over time, as it allows you to get your content in front of more people in an easier way.

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Since the slides do not give you that much information, as I use these to back up my story, I will put more effort in to get the actual story transcribed into multiple learning blogposts. These will be landing in your inbox if you subscribe to my monthly free newsletter, in which I will continue to inform you on what you can do to grow your traffic, through SEO, social media or other ways.

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You can learn from some successful bloggers I’ve interviewed for this website. These interviews with Ashlee, Jen, Stacey, Tara and Kathy have already been published. You can be next, if you want to be featured here. All you have to do, is send me a message through the contact form, You can include links to your successful blogpost you would like to put into the spotlight in your answers.

SEO for Bloggers EVO Conference 2012

SEO for Bloggers SNAP 2012

I’ve added the presentation I did at the SNAP conference back in April. The SNAP conference has more direct hands-on tips on SEO best practices following the LUMPS framework.

  • Links; Internal- & External Links
  • URL structure
  • Meta Content; Page title & Meta Tags
  • Page Content & Elements
  • Sitemaps; HTML & XML sitemap


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